Classy Looking Nerf Herder is a vintage style nerd fashion line
that mashes up 1940s and 50s vintage styles with your favorite
nerdy fandoms. Each design is modeled after real vintage styles,
making you the classiest nerd to explore the ‘verse!

Classy Looking Nerf Herder goes where no fashion line has gone before.
Part cosplay, part vintage, and always classy. But the best part is:
every dress and skirt has pockets.


Yeah, I know. It’s the best.

2015-11-22 11.07.46

Lynne Marie Martens — costumer designer, cosplayer, writer, and fashion designer. Classy Looking Nerf Herder is the realization of so many of my passions and skills. I have been sewing for over twenty years (thanks Mom!). I love the power of storytelling clothing design and character development. Fashion history has captivated me for about as long as I can remember. Once I started Comic-Con type of events and saw all the vendors and fan art, I realized that I could combine all of my talents and interests into a viable business, providing an untapped resource of classy nerdy fashion for women! I have an MFA in Costume Design from the California Institute of the Arts and continue to design for theatre, film, and web media world in LA. My favorite fandoms are Doctor Who, Star Wars, Orphan Black, Marvel, Harry Potter, Disney, and of course the world that started it all: the Whedonverse.

You can view my film and theatre work at